Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3

Finding the time to actually write about my experience has been the most challenging part of this project, thus far. I know once I get the Spring jCrew catalog, I will be singing a much different tune. I can just picture the cute sundresses with their pastel patterns, the navy blue and white stripped, boat-neck sailor tees and the jean shorts- a few of my favorite things. Yes, I know the temptation to shop has been minimal over the last few days, but the coming weeks and months of amazing spring/summer wear will be hard to deal with. As I am writing this very blog post fashion week (gasp), the most fabulous week of the year, is happening. Designers are already showcasing their lines for fall, and I haven't even made it through spring fever aka spring shopping! What is a gal to do?

Fashion Tip of the Day: Find yourself a Pewter bag, I am convinced this is the most practical color bag to own. It goes with brown, gray, black, blue, gold, silver and everything in between- clearly something every frugalista should have in her arsenal.

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