Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 304 of No Shopping

If you haven't had a chance to check out Pinterest yet, you must do so immediately. I've been finding a lot of fashion inspiration on there recently and find it incredibly helpful when I am stumped for what to wear. It not only has fashion, hair and makeup, but also home decoration, DIY, and other helpful things. I like it because it visually appealing and easy to navigate.  Since it connects you to so many different people, the site is constantly updating and you can find new ideas for outfits daily.

Fashion tip of the day: Growing up in Michigan, the long winters are a good excuse to invest in fabulous winter coats. Often times people see your coat and never see your outfit. Treat yourself to a great statement coat that will stand the test of time. A great tweed will never fail you. Find something that is tailored and can be dressed up or down. A knee length coat is both flattering and great for blocking the cold winter wind, without being dowdy. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 224

In an effort to stay on track and yet continue to be stylish, I raided my closet this weekend to see what "gems" I could find and I was pleasantly surprised with what I was able to dig up.  I found numerous pieces of clothing that had ben neglected, mainly because they did not fit anymore or were slightly out of style. I am pretty good at keeping my closet fairly organized and cleaned out, so the things I found are definitely salvageable.  

Last fall I took the cape my Grandmother had given me and had it hemmed to just above my knee. She had given it to me years earlier, but I had never worn it because its Retro ankle-length hem was outdated.  After getting the cape hemmed, it has become one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe and definitely a winter staple. 

It's amazing what a great tailor can do to revitalize an item of clothing. After visiting the tailor this week I will have two pairs of pants and a pencil skirt.  The pencil skirt and one of the pairs of pants have never been worn, because they never fit properly.  It will be nice to have three seemingly new pieces of clothing in my wardrobe! 

Fashion tip of the Day: Find your inner Sass and get yourself some red lipstick. My current favorite way to wear it is with an entirely black outfit. It instantly makes the outfit more playful, with a touch of sexiness. My favorite color is Lancome's Smoky Rouge, just don't forget to use lip liner!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 220 of No Shopping

Although I have been terrible about posting to my blog over the last few months (okay, down right awful),  I have stuck to my promise not to shop.  It has definitely been hard, but I have rediscovered things in my closet I had totally forgotten about! I have tried to be inventive with my outfits and wear things that had been long shoved to the back of my closet. Though I have to admit it is starting to become quite a challenge.

Living in Atlanta can definitely have its advantages weather wise - lots and lots of beautiful, sunny days -it can also mean a prolonged use of my summer wardrobe.  I've been wearing light weight clothes, sun dresses and wedges since late March. Needless to say, I'm ecstatic about fall/winter and pulling out cool weather gear.  Seeing the pictures from New York and London fashion weeks has not helped my desire to throw on my slouchy, suede boots and my vintage camel colored cape.

Fashion Tip of the Day: This is the perfect time of year to begin to transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall. Start pairing your floral blouses and dresses with more fall inspired accessories - try a heavier cardigan or a pair of boots. Keep the playfulness of summer clothes, but begin to add layers for those chilly fall mornings and evenings.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 143

Lately I have been incredibly inspired by England's newest princess. Her chic style and elegance make her put together look seem effortless.  And while one could argue that her sense of fashion is merely the work of a royal stylist and a limitless clothing budget, I would beg to differ. Kate's clothing, while certainly nice, is more affordable than you might think and she is not afraid to re-wear items. In fact, on her recent trip to Canada she reportedly wore the same pair of jeans not once, not twice, but three times. Gasp! Not only did she wear the same pair of pants three times, they were a reasonably priced pair of jeans (J Brand under $200). Take a cue from the Duchess of Cambridge and find pieces that are timelessly chic, yet age appropriate. She always seems to be aptly dressed for any occasion.

Fashion Tip of the Day: Invest in a pair of heeled loafers. Instead of pairing them with dress pants or a pencil skirt, try a pair of skinny jeans and a menswear inspired jacket. You can also pair them with a blazer and tailored walking shorts for a summer work appropriate ensemble. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 72

Fashion Tip of the Day: Spring is a great time of year to start bringing out pieces from your summer wardrobe and combining them with cold weather clothes. Just like I'm wearing in this picture, combine trouser jeans with a floral top and wedges. By mixing and matching the weights of the clothing, you can ease your wardrobe into summer.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 52

Over the last 52 days, I have not purchased any clothing items and all that entails. I have set foot in the mall numerous times and managed to leave without anything. Though I am proud of myself to some degree, I have yet to repeat an outfit in the last 2 months. It is evident that I not only have enough clothes, I clearly have too many.  I realize this is not a ground breaking discovery, but when you have a love of fashion, it is easy to get caught up in wanting the latest and greatest. 

After reading a semi-political article today regarding the possible shut-down of the U.S. government, I realized that my shopping plight and the government's budget are very similar.  The article touched on the fact that the majority of Americans live above their means and how the government does not set a very good example.  I promise, I am not trying to get political here, no matter what your political preferences are, one has to agree that us Millennials are accustomed to a fairly privileged life. I know that I have been guilty of assuming I can maintain the standard of living I was familiar with when I was being supported by my parents. This is simply not sustainable and while my logical thinking tells me this, my desire to be "fashionable" has not ceased. 

Maybe this challenge wouldn't be that big of deal to another person, but it has definitely forced me to take a long look into my own actions and desires for my future. While I still love to be fashionable, I am learning new and exciting ways to do it. It is amazing how creative you can get when you are facing a challenge. 

Stay tuned for more pictures and if you have fashion related questions (or really any questions) for me, please ask them! 

Fashion Tip of the Day: Pair a short sleeved blouse with a full skirt that hits right at the knee. A floral skirt is an excellent choice for the spring. Add a belt to cinch in your waist and a pair of wedges to make the over look more modern. Pile on the bangles and a chic handbag, and you are ready for brunch with the girls or a picnic with your honey.

Day 50

Fashion Tip of the Day: The perfect spring shoe is a fabulous wedge. Try on multiple pairs and styles because I have seen too many unflattering wedges. Be careful that the straps for the shoe doesn't hit your ankle in an odd spot.  Straps that bind the ankle tend to be unflattering on the rest of the leg. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 38

I have an obsession with Mad Men. Not only is the show excellent, but the costuming outstanding.  The show would not come to life like it does, without the wardrobe styling true to the late 50s, early 60s. I find the silhouettes of the women's clothing to be incredibly inspiring. So many women these days hide behind their clothes, in either an attempt to hide their body or follow some crazy fashion trend. You can never go wrong with clothing that fits you correctly. While I understand bold patterns are not for everyone, the silhouette on the dress I'm wearing in the picture below is a universally flattering style. 

Fashion Tip of the Day: Women need to stop expecting clothing to fit perfectly when they walk into a store. If it happens, great, but most likely it will be too tight or too lose in certain areas of the garment. A tailor is a gal's best friend. Whether it is taking in the waist of an otherwise great fitting pair of pants or shortening the hem on a dress to update it, tailoring clothing to fit your body correctly will make all the difference in how you feel while wearing the garment. Go through your closet and pull out anything that you have been avoiding wearing because it doesn't fit properly. If it is something that is too small, get rid of it. If it is something that seems out-dated assess if it can be tailored to update the look. Tailoring is a relatively inexpensive way to lengthen the life of your clothing. 

Day 36

Fashion Tip of the Day: Although skinny jeans have been all the rage over the last few years, wider legged jeans are all the rage this season.  If you are more curvy on the bottom, opt for a pair that are lose fitting through the thigh and gradually flare out. If you are more straight up and down, invest in a pair that are fitted through the thigh. Pair the jeans with a fitted blazer and heels and it becomes an office appropriate alternative to dress pants.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 30

No, I have not fallen off the wagon, I promise! I have been so busy I have had no time to even miss shopping, for the most part. After attending a St. Patrick's Day festival last weekend, I have decided to use the money I am saving from not shopping and use it to start Irish dancing again. For those of you who have know me most of my life, you know that I cannot sit still (total understatement). Irish dance provided an outlet for most of my energy through the years and I have not had the funds to take lessons in the past year or so. I am thrilled to be dancing again and I know it will definitely take my mind off of shopping.

Fashion Tip of the Day: When you are out shopping and find something that catches your eye, make sure you are able to visualize it with other pieces in your wardrobe.  Make sure you can create at least 3 different outfits with that particular piece.  Before you head out shopping peruse your closet and make a mental note of what you already have. When you spy that fabulous coral cardigan, you know exactly what you have to go with it!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 16

I apologize to all of my faithful readers, if there are any, for neglecting my blog over the last week.  I could make up a bunch of excuses as to why I didn't have time to write, but I will save you all from the bore.

I am happy to report, that while I wasn't writing, I was also not shopping. Frankly, I did not have time to miss shopping. Last weekend the weather was so beautiful all I wanted to do was be outside. I'm actually looking forward to later on this year when I have to start really getting creative with my outfit selections. I promise to blog more and also catch up on all the pictures I have failed to upload.

Fashion tip of the day: Find colors that work best with your complexion and hair color, and stick with them! Women make the mistake of trying to wear a rainbow of colors that don't work for them. I'm not saying to be boring with your wardrobe, but some colors just aren't going to work for you. Coral is one of the few colors that looks good on everyone. Invest in something coral, it's a safe bet.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 9

Since I'm not spending my extra cash on clothes these days, I've been enjoying fantasizing about other things I can spend my money on. One friend suggested revamping my entire apartment, but I feel like that's defeating the no-shopping purpose. When I was in the mall this weekend, though I did not buy anything, I still felt like I was breaking the rules.  Now I know how many men feel when dragged to the mall - annoyed, bored, and moody. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have no desire to step foot in a mall or clothing store anytime soon. Am I cured from my shopping addiction? Doubtful, but at least I'm on the right track.

Any ideas on how I should spend my money, now that I'm not spending it on clothes? Submit your ideas!

Fashion Tip of the Day: Find a pair of nude shoes. They can be worn year-round and go with almost anything. Just make sure to find a shade that compliments your skin tone- not competes with it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 7

Today, my Mother forced me to spend 6+ hours at the mall/shopping. Crazy, I know. I spent the entire day surrounded by temptation and I did not give in! But, I have to admit that it was a lot harder than yesterday. It definitely tested my will-power.  Thank goodness the only shopping on the agenda tomorrow is grocery shopping, I don't think I could take another day of being at the mall. 

Fashion Tip of the Day: After spending 6 hours at the mall you deserve to come home and throw on a comfy pair of sweatpants. However, under no circumstances are you allowed to wear them while shopping. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 6

Today my will power was tested. My Mom is in town for the weekend and she is my shopping buddy. She wanted to venture to Nordstrom today to see what they had in for Spring. I am proud to report that I was able to walk through the entire store, including the shoe section, without being tempted to buy any of the latest and greatest Spring fashions. It be quite honest, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

I know there are a lot of people out there that doubt my ability to complete this task, which is only fueling my determination to do so!

Fashion tip of day: Try pairing a casual top and a formal bottom. My current favorite is a denim button down with a pencil skirt.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 4

Worked late today and came home to some sort of a police raid at our apartment complex! I'm too tired to write anything significant tonight, but I did manage to come up with a cute outfit this morning. I promise to write a better/longer post tomorrow. 
Fashion Tip of the Day: Embrace the broach. Broaches add a bit of glamour and dimension to any outfit. Spice up a plain cardigan, make an old coat look chic again, or try placing one on a chain and wear it as a necklace. I would definitely recommend hitting up a local thrift/antique store to find great deals on "vintage" styles. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 3

Finding the time to actually write about my experience has been the most challenging part of this project, thus far. I know once I get the Spring jCrew catalog, I will be singing a much different tune. I can just picture the cute sundresses with their pastel patterns, the navy blue and white stripped, boat-neck sailor tees and the jean shorts- a few of my favorite things. Yes, I know the temptation to shop has been minimal over the last few days, but the coming weeks and months of amazing spring/summer wear will be hard to deal with. As I am writing this very blog post fashion week (gasp), the most fabulous week of the year, is happening. Designers are already showcasing their lines for fall, and I haven't even made it through spring fever aka spring shopping! What is a gal to do?

Fashion Tip of the Day: Find yourself a Pewter bag, I am convinced this is the most practical color bag to own. It goes with brown, gray, black, blue, gold, silver and everything in between- clearly something every frugalista should have in her arsenal.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 of No Shopping

People have asked me where I found inspiration to do this project. I wish I could say it was because I had some sort of selfless epiphany, but to be honest, I really just wanted to save money. I realized that I spend a lot of my time and money shopping, time and money I could be spending doing other things. I live hundreds of miles away from friends, family and my boyfriend. Wouldn't that money be better spent visiting and maintaining close relationships with the people I care about? Do not get me wrong, I love looking put together and fashionable, but at what cost?

I am a firm believer that you should take pride in your outward appearance.  Humans are visual and it would be unreasonable for us not to judge each other by our appearances. By no means am I saying that your physical looks are everything, but when you first meet someone or see them, you automatically form an opinion based on the way they look. The clothes we wear send a message to the people around us, whether we realize it or not. The point of this, is that my goal at the end of this journey is not to stop shopping or become a slob, my goal is to cut-back on my shopping habits and learn to be more creative with what I already have.

Day 2 was easy, let's how I do over the next few days! 

Fashion Tip of the Day: Contrary to popular belief, black and brown do mix and can actually be quite striking together. For the best look pair a light or camel colored brown with black. Think leopard. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 1 of No Shopping

Starting today, February 14th 2011, I am renouncing my faith in shoes. So what does that mean? For the next 365 days, I will not buy any shoes, clothes, purses, jewelry, etc. Basically, I will purchase nothing that I can wear or carry on my person.  The point of this project, or should I say challenge, will be to not only save my money, but also to use what I already have. I will be taking a picture of what I am wearing each day and document my year without shopping.  I will attempt to create different outfits with accessories/shoes, so as to not wear the exact outfit twice.

While for some this may be an easy challenge, for a self-proclaimed fashionista and shoe-a-holic, this will be anything but. Wish me luck!