Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 9

Since I'm not spending my extra cash on clothes these days, I've been enjoying fantasizing about other things I can spend my money on. One friend suggested revamping my entire apartment, but I feel like that's defeating the no-shopping purpose. When I was in the mall this weekend, though I did not buy anything, I still felt like I was breaking the rules.  Now I know how many men feel when dragged to the mall - annoyed, bored, and moody. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have no desire to step foot in a mall or clothing store anytime soon. Am I cured from my shopping addiction? Doubtful, but at least I'm on the right track.

Any ideas on how I should spend my money, now that I'm not spending it on clothes? Submit your ideas!

Fashion Tip of the Day: Find a pair of nude shoes. They can be worn year-round and go with almost anything. Just make sure to find a shade that compliments your skin tone- not competes with it.


  1. -Save for a down payment on a house (if you think you'll be staying in Georgia for a while).
    -Pay down car loans, student loans, or other debt. The best way to do this is NOT to write a larger check to your debtors. Rather, write a SECOND check to them each month (or however often you have the spare cash) and write in the memo box "apply to principal only".
    -Buy a sewing machine and learn how to sew. That way, you can get more creative and perhaps design/make some clothing once you're allowed to start shopping again.
    -Take up a new hobby
    -Spend more money on pampering: massages, manis & pedis, facials, etc.
    -Donate some of it to a favorite charity (ie. if you would normally spend $50/week in splurge shopping, use that money one month to donate $200 to a charity you really like). If you decide to do that every month, keep the receipts, and you'll have a great tax write-off next year.
    -Put extra money into retirement funds or other investments
    -Send it to broke-ass relatives who work for the Catholic Church and can only afford to shop at Target and Kohl's. (Wait, crap... there's too many Feches who work at Catholic parishes, schools, etc.) Pick your favorite broke-ass relative who works for the Church AND went to SMC. Send her the money.

    Also, I would LOVE to see close-up pics of some of your favorite jewelry pieces. As someone who makes jewelry for fun, I'd love to see what's in your collection. If you have a piece you REALLY like, I might be able to re-create something similar (as a gift to you) in different colors. Love that black & pink necklace, but want one in brown and yellow? I'll bet I could do it!!

    Have fun with this project and keep the awesome pics coming!!


  2. As long as I am persona non grata for the forced "Lenox Mall March" this past weekend, here's my two cents: savvy single girls save. Would you like a cd with that 401k?

    Bonne nuit, ma chérie!